The application is for those who are interested in investing and who want to know more about it. The app allows users to gain experience in investment decisions, while further illustrating that being introduced to different aspects of life can be a joy and surely worth a try.

With this app, we want to show how easy it can be to learn something new and interesting, and we hope to open your eyes and heart to investment.

It contains knowledge about investing and not trading (speculation). We may say at the outset that this is not a “how to make a million” application. There are no sure and easy paths to riches on Wall Street or anywhere else.



Expand your investment knowledge with seven different animated videos.

My Portfolio

Invest using virtual money. You start with $5000.

Trading Centre

Trade 300+ US stocks with in depth information.


Read news about American companies that are of interest to you.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. It will be our pleasure to assist you: info@futurestock.de

Team Members

Mark Böttner

Accountant & Co-foundermark@futurestock.de

Joosep Järve

Android Developer & Co-founderjoosep@futurestock.de

Johannes Olaf Kurss

Assistant Android Developer & Co-founderjohannes@futurestock.de

Erik Joasaare

Logo Designer e.joasaare@saksa.tln.edu.ee

Mattis Maksing

App Designermattis@maksi.ee

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